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Setup a Sophos UTM SSL VPN In 7 Simple Steps!

As you can see, I create two users for this purpose. This simplifies configuration on the client end. These names will come to make sense in step 2.

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We will create two profiles where each of the previous two users lanssl, and wanssl will be used. The networks placed into the Local Network box will be made available to the current profile being configured. So here we simply select our Internal network.

The #1 VPN Client for Mac OS X and macOS

This tells the profile to take all traffic back through the Sophos UTM. A masquerading rule simply takes your private IP addresses that you use on your local network and disguises or masquerades them behind your public IP address. The easiest way to do this is to configure a Dynamic DNS name. Enter your credentials for the required username profile depending on if you want to only access Internal devices, or backhaul all Internet traffic through the UTM as well and you will be connected.

After it is installed, right-click the traffic light in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and click Connect. If configured correctly, you should now have successfully set up your own VPN service and have the conveniences that come with it.

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Features Support How it works Pricing Download. Features Getting Started Why Fastvue? Pricing Support Blog Download. This can be useful for many reasons. Here are a few: VPN Benefits The ability to access internal devices at home without opening up your firewall Remote Desktop or VNC, for example Encrypting your traffic so it cannot be intercepted and manipulated While in an airport or a coffee shop, for example Making your online presence appear in a location other than your current one Some use this to access Netflix and other services from outside the U.

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Setup a Sophos UTM SSL VPN In 7 Simple Steps!

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