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Thenk you very much in advance! Message translated by google translate Error message that appeared during normal installation default. Message I am running Ubuntu PlayOnLinux returns the following error: Specifically, although Synaptic Package Manager told me that winbind is already installed, I reinstalled it, along with samba. Also installed Wine 2.

Don't know which of these helped, but it is now running. BTW, advantages of over include that imported documents no longer mysteriously lose spaces as they did in Word bad news for a proofreader , no problems printing as there were initially, but not finally with Office , and I can now access my USB drives through Office , which I couldn't on via Wine. From the GitHub article: Versions below it will crash after click on a document hyperlink. This modification was made to stop OneNote from crashing immediately after pasting something out of the application. No other Office applications have been tested with this script.

Message I like the idea of this program, but it will not install office , I keep getting an error from wine about installation language not supported how do I fix this? Message To get the microsoft office installer working on ubuntu Furthermore it is good to know that you cannot u.

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I keep getting an installation language not supported. I downloaded a rar file from microsoft, so i dont have an ISO to mount. I need help here. What language do you have set in the terminal? Try running:. Message I discovered that the 32bit version of Office installs fine, but the 64 bit version doe not, even after installing winbind.

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Message Hola buenas a todos.. Message Hi Since I upgraded from xUbuntu Any idea about how I could fix it? Microsoft Office Warning: It look likes you have the same issue with freetype fonts as i had. Does the solution I proposed on this page https: Message I don't think this has been posted as an issue recently enough for the problem or solutions to be the same as what I have read before. Are you find the answer? I have the same issue. I clone'de my ubuntu with working perfectly and activated microsoft office. Then l load iso of my ubuntu with working microsoft office, and reinstall microsoft office in this environment and received the same error 0xF0D.

Message Most of the suite works very well. When using OneNote, however, you find that you cannot copy-paste without crashing OneNote. This is described in these bugs: Message I've installed office, but the icons of this program aren't the tipical of Microsoft instead are icons of playonlinux, and I don't know how to change them.

Could someone help me with it, please? My installed OS is Lubuntu 32bits Thanks. I missed something? Message Hello! Thank you and keep making linux users happy. Message Quickly tested: I used wine 1. Message Error in main Please install winbind before installing Microsoft Office Hello there, im using linux mint I have the same problem as you have, I'm also a newbie with Ubuntu Message This version 1. Message My computer system: It will give the error the message that: Here are the fix: Message I am able to launch all Office programs but I have a problem with Outlook.

I am trying to add Exchange account but Outlook gives me an error. I've googled a lot and didn't find a solution. I am using Ubuntu Message Hi, I've installed Office with playonlinux and it works great except a few things. Thanks for your hep! Message Visio Premium works awesome too. Add it to installer. Message Dear Quentin, Thanks for making this excellent installer. I'm impressed! Do you perhaps know how to fix this? It is a very powerful shortcut, when managing data. Artit Thongsupan. Message how to install?

Any suggestions please. Dont waste your time on this, I used the wrong installation disc stupid me. It had now installed ok. Thanks for great software. I really need your help. Message Thank you for your great job. I have succesfully installed Office with your script. I don't know if there is some tips for solving this, in particular for powerpoint slide shows. Message The Word bibliography tool doesn't work. PlayOnLinux 4. Message Discalimer: Any guidance would be appreciated. Message It is not going install service pack, and also is problem with bibliothek.

Create menu entries http: Message Please, let the installer create the following folder: Other people got this error as well, not just Office seems to be affected: That bug report says that this bug was fixed in 1. This sounds like a Wine problem.

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I used the script on Wine 1. Mais franchement c'est du super boulot! Et tout remarche EXE" "Microsoft Powerpoint ". EXE" "Microsoft Excel ".


Install this program Informations Platforms: Replies eddi71 Monday 17 December at Jean Majolo. Use it at your own risk Try this update Message I noticed the installers are not including dotnet20 or gdiplus? There is only an Office for the Mac. Or if you are in school, you should be able to get a discounted one thru your bookstore.

Most people say don't buy the Office anyway since there's no significant feature advantage over earlier versions. I seem to recall Office for the Mac touted as more advanced than Windows Office I agree with Csound1. Past practice predicts that the next version for the Mac will be called Office Pardon the quote modification but until the Cloud and ubiquitous really fast internet connections, a Cloud based alternative wasn't possible.

Now that it is, the subscription model is likely a lot more profitable for MS since, instead of the user just missing out on a few new features in any eventual upgrade, the user is simply shut down if he doesn't pay up. Add to that the size of the installed Windows base vs Mac base, the fact that is cross-platform so that it's available to all right now!

Feb 2, 9: Well, we'll just have to wait and see. There are still many without a, "really fast Internet connection. That's very true and I bet the vast majority of them are Windows users, hence Office in a box on the shelf at your local Staples. I've never been an Office for Mac user but I don't believe Mac users should be left behind just because there aren't as many of us, so I hope you're right and I'm wrong.

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But I wouldn't bet the dial-up farm on it either. Office has been available for 2 years, it has always been subscription based and worked with Office long before iCloud existed. The current version includes Office , with the earlier version the customer needed to buy if they wanted local software that worked with Office Strangely Office for Mac is not on the supported list, but this is Microsoft so who's surprised they make a Windows version of Outlook that is compatible with iCloud and a Mac version that is not, go figure.

One more thing-like the most of you i prefer iwork too but it doesn't support hebrew and i need it, and microsoft said ti the same man on the phone it'll support hebrew. Now I wonder just what they were offering. Feb 2, You get exactly that, an online version of Office and a local one, they collaborate only in that the local version will open and save the online versions files, which is nothing new.

Thanks for the clarification. Office for mac.

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